Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My oldest son, Taylor, is spending his summer in Uganda--Africa. He is taking a self study class towards his degree. It amazes me what kind of man he has become. I am so proud of him and all he accomplishes. He doesn't wait for opportunities--he creates them. He has sent pictures today that have touched my heart.

This is a source of water for the villagers

These are some of the children watching a memorial dance. Look at the condition of their clothing--they are no more than rags.

The villagers pulled Taylor into the dance. The look of pure happiness makes my heart grin. I know he is going to come back a changed man.

Here is a hut that they actually live in. Taylor says the children treat him like a celebrity

Breath taking beauty and such poverty at the same time.

I put this picture on my computer as the wallpaper to remind me how many things we take for granted, how many things we feel entitled to, and how truly blessed we are.