Friday, February 27, 2009

Latest Snowfall

Gotta love South Dakota winters.
I'm so tired of the snow.

These were taken Friday Feb 27, 2009

Lyle usually uses the bobcat and takes care of our driveway, sidewalks, etc. He is in Sioux Falls for State Dart Tournament so it was up the boys and I. Cole and I dug the driveway so I could get the car out for work. I backed it up into the street and got stuck. We got it back into the garage. I found a ruler and measured the undisturbed snow in the street, it was EXACTLY one foot. Two hours later the snow plow came by. In attempt to get to work we shoveled out again. I drove to the Redfield Office only to find out that the driveways both front and back were plowed in. Being that the office is a mile or so outside of town I simply turned around and went home. My fear was that I would get in and not be able to get out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boys Sports

Both Cole and Carter have found their favorite sport...something other than the PlayStation2. When asked my favorite sport the answer is "which ever one my boys are playing in" Cole likes football. This was his first year out. (disclaimer--since I wasn't blogging then I reserve the rights to add those pictures now.)

This is Carter's 2nd year of Basketball. These pictures were taken at the first game of the season. This is his team (all 4th graders) and his two coaches, which are awesome, they really know how to work with the boys.

Here Carter is seen blocking the opponent

I found that it was hard to get a good camera shot with my camera. They don't stay still long enough for a good picture.

This was the final score. We were the guests. Carter made three baskets during this game.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

During Christmas time ever since the boys were small we have made a gingerbread house. One year we didn't have time to finish it before bedtime. The boys were so amazed that Santa would take the time to finish for them. Years later they still bring that up.

As I wasn't blogging at Christmas time I am taking artistic license and adding the pictures now
Each boy gets to decorate one half of the house

Here is Cole's.

And Carter's (he is pretending to lick it)

Back Door

Front Door

This was a gingerbread house from a box. So the pieces were already made and candy included all we did was make the icing and decorate. So when the boys asked to eat it I wrinkled my nose. But boys being boys they couldn't leave it alone. This is the gingerbread house after a hammer had been used.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 resolution

My resolutions for 2008 (not a typo) were to become physically healthy, spiritually healthy, and financially healthy. Fast forward one year....I have gained a few pounds, am in the same financial situation and stopped going to adult Sunday School. So this year's resolution is to focus on my physical health.

I joined a gym in Redfield and made a commitment for 18 months. I have set my goal to lose 40lbs by my 40th birthday.

I have also set rewards/incentives for every 5lbs lost.

I am entering everything I eat and how much I exercise on I can also record a journal and enter my moods each day. I know how much exercise can tie into improving mental health.

I am also tanning--because tan fat just looks also helps with SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder)

I would love to post a full length picture of me now but I'm just not brave enough. Maybe I'll be able to post the picture taken at my 40th birthday.