Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gibbs Swap 3

This is a swap I joined called GIBBS GIRLS I'M BROKE BOX SWAP!! There was 12 words/phrases posted and I created items for my partner that went with that word/phrase.

1. One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
I made a necklace out of a washer2. What Was I Thinking
I made a memo board for her to let others know what she was thinking
3. Button It
A picture frame from my collection of my grandma's buttons
4. Time Flies By--I made a paperbag calendar. Each one has a pocket on front and a pocket at the bottom to put notes and things in.

5. Not All That It Is Cracked Up To Be
I etched on front and back of three glass votives "Dream/butterfly, Grow/leaf, Inspire/cross" and them filled them with cracked glass.

6. All Blinged Up and No Place to Go
This was one of my favorites. It is an altered clipboard.

7. You're Such a Blockhead Charlie Brown!
A klennex box

8. Share and Share Alike
A recipe box with dividers in the same colors and feel of the klennex box

9. The Flowers of Tomorrow are in the Seeds of Yesterday
Flower pots with her apt number and a shaker.

10. Put Your Big Girl Panties On
This was a hard phrase for me to create something to go with it. I made the flowers and butterflies out of colored 'panty'hose

11. I Don't Need No Stinkin' Paper
My partner makes beautiful cards and uses trims and accents. So I filled one of these with ribbons and trims and the other with scented ink pads

12. GIBBERS Do It Old Tool Style
I did a play on words here and changed it to Old SPOOL style & made a ribbon holder to sit on her desk with some more pretty ribbons for her to use.