Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things

1. This is my first blog...and I'm nervous...why I don't know it's not like I'll flunk or get kicked off
2. Favorite candy: dark chocolate
3. Favorite food seafood pasta
4. I love lattes
5. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon are my favorite smells...pumpkin or Chai lattes are 'the bomb'
6. I have lived in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Alabama, Germany & South Dakota...summer jobs account for most of the places
7. I love bubble baths and white wine
8. I have three fabulous sons...Taylor, Cole, and Carter
This is one of my favorite pictures taken Labor Day 2007
9. I once owned a hedgehog (Kirby) and would like to do so again
10. I will get another tattoo on my 40th birthday. I hope my sister Shari will design it for me
11. Lyle and My song is "Valentine" by Martina McBride...married 2/14/98
12. I like spring flowers--lilacs, tulips, daisies
13. I like Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Ace of Cakes
14. I love to read...I go through streaks--right now I'm stuck on books by Nora Roberts
15. I like to scrapbook--paper addict
16. I hate the cold...summer is soo much better
Taken this summer when the boys went on vacation with Glen and mom

17. Both my parents are down south...Dad in AZ and mom in TX

18. I think peppermint is the only flavor candy canes should come in
19.I like to wear bracelets, necklaces come in second place and earrings just irritate me
20. I am horrible at math--spelling too but there is always spell check
21. I make awesome biscuits and is my signature dish
22. I like to spend my birthday alone...this will be my 5th year. I pack up my camper.

Find my favorite spot at Fisher's Grove # 3. I've tried others but this has a wonderful view and is close to the bathroom. If you look close in this picture the white in the middle of the trees is actually my camper.

I spend the weekend scrapbooking, enjoying nature, & listening to music. Our dog Lady has stayed out with me for two years... Friday evening I usually have some gal pals out we have a bonfire and talk into all hours of the morning.

The inside of the camper...notice all my scrapbook toys
23. I teach our junior high youth group at church...this is my second year and I'm really enjoying it
24. I like flannel sheets and my heated mattress pad...see # 16
25. I have an awesome extended family.

This picture was taken this summer when we were all in Iowa at my aunts. From left to right (back) Cole, Dianne, Mike--my dad, Jackie--sister-in-law (front) Carter, Lyle, Kiley--niece, Duane--brother and Sturgis--nephew.

My boys are crabby in the picture because they just had a fight rolling around in the front yard...not unusual for my boys

Sturgis and Kiley @ halloween. Sturgis was Indiana Jones and Kiley just plain CUTE

These are the children of Lyle's siblings. Harrison (Wayne and Angie's oldest) Madisyn (Lori & Albert's youngest) Aidan (wearing the hat--Wayne and Angie's youngest) McKenzie (Lori & Albert's oldest) & Kate (Wayne and Angie's middle child)

My sister Lynette has two children Remington and Margaret

My sister Shari has three children Ryan, Chris and Emily