Friday, March 27, 2009

Home made spring bouquets

Ok so spring isn't here yet so I decided I needed to make my own spring bouquets. I think I will make an additional six tonight, as there was frost on my windshield and snow on the ground this morning.

Step 1: Take off white paper and cut out a basic flower shape. This will be the bottom layer.

I used a 3 inch flower with my cricut machine

Step 2: After cutting out the bottom layer the top layer will be a spring colored paper either a solid or print will work. I also cut out and chalked some leaves.
Step 3: Chalk the edges of the bottom layer. You could use a solid color for the bottom layer and skip this step but I liked the softer edges.
Disclaimer this can be a messy step...I highly recommend putting scratch paper or newspapers underneath.
Step 4: Tape a floral wire between the two layers...double stick tape was not strong enough.

I used a scrapbook adhesive.

Step 5: Put and Easter colored kiss, using a pop dot, as the center and add some of the leaves.

Step 6: Fill vases (I got mine at the dollar store) with spring colored M&Ms and insert flowers

Optional step: I made matchbook cards and clipped them to the vase.

This was the inspiration for my project.

I gave these two my friends who were in the community play this year. It always amazes me how many flowers and gifts are given at the play.

Here you can see two tables filled. There were eight tables in all.


  1. Super cute! I want one too!! Pretty, please??

  2. I love your blog! So cute! I have a blog award for you. Come a snag it at my blog!