Sunday, March 8, 2009


Tonight I've been thinking of colors, mostly because I'm blue.
It made me think of a song sung by Lorrie Morgan "Something in Red" It travels thru her relationship with her husband. I'm looking for something in red. Something that's shocking to turn someone's head. Next comes the color of green. Jealousy comes in the color of jade. Before she walks down the aisle she is looking for something in white. As the relationship progresses she needs something blue. Something real tiny, the baby's brand new. And the circle comes full circle when she is again looking for something in red. I do appreciate that it is just a size larger that I wore last year.

Colors take on so many meanings depending on mood, symbolism, individuality...

Take green for example: this time of year I'm thinking of the greeness of spring.
With the economy the way it is right now many are thinking of the lack of green in their wallets or savings.
And there is always the fun factor in green M&Ms

Then there is blue, the color that started this particular blog. As I looked for a photo to express how I feel I started looking for something cute, like with big puppy eyes. But that isn't how I feel. My current sadness isn't cute.

With two boys in my household I often see the black and blue of bruises and bumps that come with roughousing.

God in all His majesty has outdone Himself with blue.

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